WWE Wiki

The WWE Wikia will be merging into the Pro Wrestling Wikia. We will contact a Wikia Staff member about the merge soon so expect this wikia to be gone and redirected to Pro Wrestling Wiki.

Questions and Answers[]

What is a wikia Merging?[]

Sometimes, when two user communities cover the same subject matter and share similar contributors, they may wish to merge their communities to push their efforts forward in one direction.

What happens when you Merge Wikias?[]

While joining forces is a great idea to make a community more successful, using the term 'merging' is incorrect. There is not just one button Wikia can push to make two communities suddenly become one community. This is both due to the technical limitations of MediaWiki software, the unique way Wikia user tables are configured, and the fact that two wikis may have pages with the same name but different content (for the technically-minded, a "collision").

Why Merge the WWE Wiki into Pro Wrestling?[]

Over the past few years, this wiki has been abandoned by its owner and has been filled with a lot of vandalism in the past. Recently the WWE Wiki was adopted by MPTrilogy27 in early February 2014. This wiki has only a few to no active members for the past few months. Merging with a huge wikia like Pro Wrestling will help to gain more traffic and members. WWE Wiki has only 400+ content while the Pro Wrestling Wiki has 30,000+ content and so much more!

Where do I find Pro Wrestling Wiki?[]

Sinces its the biggest pro wrestling wikia, its not that hard to find it. Just go to this link here to check it out!