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Image of Undertaker
Billing information
Ring name(s) Undertaker
Nickname The deadman
Height 6;10
Weight 299.83 pounds
Born Funeral home
Hometown Death valley
Billed from Death valley
WWE debut Survivor series 1990
Wrestling information
Alignment Bad later good
Finisher(s) Tombstone pildriver
Accomplishments Won wwe champion and hardcore champion

And world heaviweght champion

Undertaker is a villan later antihero in wwe 

He was born in March 24 1965 

He had a father named Paul barer an

A brother named Kane one day in May 19 1977 

Undertaker burnt down the funeral home 

Where his mother would die kane would survive 

The next day undertaker told everyone his little brother died 

I tried to save him but it was to late as he said 

Later he would come back from the dead to wrestle in the wwe

He would start as a heel but in 1992 undertaker would turn to

Antihero in 1994 undertaker would die but in summerslam

In 1997 kane would come back to choke slam undertaker 

In 1999 undertaker would say he burnt the funeral home 

He would turn good at 2000 

In 2002 he would shake jeff Hardys hand and he has been a anti hero ever since