The Colóns
The Colóns
Billing information
Members Carlito
Primo Epico (After Carlito)
Names The Colóns
Federation(s) World Wrestling Entertainment
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Finisher Annexation of Puerto Rico
Accomplishments WWE Tag Team Championship

The Colóns are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of brothers Carlito and Primo. They currently wrestle on the Raw brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Wrestling detailsEdit

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Annexation of Puerto Rico (Fireman's carry facebuster (Carlito) / Wheelbarrow facebuster (Primo) combination)
  • Signature tag team moves
    • Belly to back suplex (Carlito) / Inverted DDT (Primo) combination
    • Sidewalk slam (Carlito) / Reverse DDT (Primo) combination
  • Carlito's finishing moves
    • Backstabber (Double knee backbreaker)
    • Carlo's Way (Outward rolling cutter)
  • Primo's finishing moves
    • Caribbean Twist (Diving corkscrew neckbreaker)
    • Cool Shot (Wrist–clutch STO)
  • Theme Music
WWE Tag Team Championship
The Colóns (Carlito and Primo)
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