Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Nickname The Man Who Will Not Die
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 236 lb
Born September 23, 1974
Hometown Flag of the United States Cameron, North Carolina
Theme music "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet
Federation(s) World Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) ECW
Previous federations
Wrestling information
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Alignment Heel
Wrestling style
Finisher(s) Twist of Fate

Matt Hardy (born September 23, 1974) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Wrestling detailsEdit

  • Primary Finisher
    • Twist of Fate (Front facelock dropped into a cutter, sometimes from the top-rope or the top of a ladder)
  • Secondary Finisher
    • Scar (Double underhook with bodyscissors)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Corner clothesline followed by a running bulldog
    • Middle rope dive into either an elbow drop, an elbow smash, a clothesline, a leg drop or a leg drop bulldog, with theatrics
    • Missile dropkick
    • Moonsault
    • Russian legsweep
    • Side Effect (Wrist–lock sitout side slam, sometimes from the top rope or the top of a ladder)
    • Slingshot crossbody
  • Nickname
    • The Man Who Will Not Die
  • Theme Music