Image of Maryse
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Nickname Maryse currently has no nicknames in WWE.
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 425 lb
Born January 21, 1983
Hometown 25px New Dork, America
Theme music "Pourquoi?" by Jim Johnston
Federation(s) World Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Raw
Previous federations
Wrestling information
Role {{{role}}}
Gimmick Cocky with an "I'm Everything" attitude
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style Cock Sucking THE MIZZZ
Finisher(s) French Kiss
French TKO

Maryse Ouellet (born June 30, 1986) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Maryse.

Wrestling detailsEdit

  • Primary Finisher
    • French Kiss (Snap DDT)
    • Kissing
  • Secondary Finisher
    • French TKO (Heel kick)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Camel clutch
    • Forward Russian legsweep
    • Modified figure four leglock
    • Spinning side slam backbreaker
  • Nickname
    • The Sultry Diva
  • Theme Music
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